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Tired of your brownies sticking to the pan? We've got a solution to your brownie woes! The new Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™ takes brownie making to the next level. READ FULL DESCRIPTION This isn't your regular old baking pan. Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™ is made with non-stick ceramic, so everything slides right out - even sticky marshmallow treats! It's so easy to use. Pour batter into your Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™, insert the brownie grid, and put it in the oven. You've got 18 perfectly portioned brownies that are already sliced! Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™ bakes each piece separately. Place Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™ on the included custom stand and you'll have an instant serving tray. It's great for picnics, parties, and outdoor BBQs. Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™ is the same size as your standard 13-inch by 9-inch pan, so you won't need to adjust your recipe. Bake beyong brownies - try with dump cakes, mini pizzas, and biscuit sliders! Plus, Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™ is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a cinch. Crumbling, boring brownies are a thing of the past with Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™!

Get Your Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™ with custom stand and recipe booklet today for just $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. But wait! You can DOUBLE your order and get a second Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™ plus the Red Copper Donut Pan. Just pay a separate fee of $19.99. Hurry and order now while supplies last!

*Refer to your stove manufacturer's instruction manual before using on a glass cooktop.


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Red Copper™ Brownie Bonanza™ is non-stick so your brownies slide easily off the tray!

The Brownie Grid Ensures You Get 18 Perfectly Sized Portions.

Make All Kinds Of Delicious Treats With The Included Recipe Booklet.

Brownie Bonanza Bakes Each Square Individually So It's All Edges!

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Brownie Grid

Recipe Guide

All Edges

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